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Hooters Hotel-Casino Up On Auction Block

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Hooters Hotel-Casino is going up on the auction block Tuesday. The hotel-casino will be sold at auction under a deal that is disclosed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

The 696 room property is east of the Las Vegas Strip, on Tropicana Avenue. Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and protection was filed on August 1st, this past summer. The bankruptcy was filed in order to block a foreclosure that was threatened by the Canpartners Realty Holding Company IV. Canyon Capital Realty Advisors of Los Angeles is a $20 billion investment company, and Canpartners is a part of them.

Since the filing of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Hooters and Canpartners have had multiple fights.

Canpartners has expressed that they believe that bankruptcy is a waste of money and time, and that because the Hooters Hotel-Casino is so deep in debt, that a reorganization effort would be futile. Canpartners believes that the Hooters Hotel-Casino property is worth around $80 million.

Hooters has defended filing for bankruptcy, and has said multiple times that they should be allowed to try and reorganize, as well as seek equity capital.

A hearing this past week has determined that the property should be auctioned by February 12, 2012. The court has not finalized the sale process or the auction date yet though.

Popular Beatles’ Venue Sues

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Court papers say that England based The Cavern Club is seeking to overturn a ruling that allowed Hard Rock Cafe International to use the club’s name.

The initial complaint was filed back in 2005 against the Hard Rock Café. The franchise is owned by the Seminole Indian tribe of Florida. A lawsuit was filed in federal court in Las Vegas. The filing seeks to overturn the decision that was made by the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to allow and give Hard Rock International rights to the “Cavern Club” name in the United States.

The Las Vegas Sunday reported recently that The Cavern Club owns the trademark for the name in various parts of the world, including Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia, Britain, and other parts of Europe.

Although it does not seem like a big deal, it actually is. The Cavern Club, which is actually located in Liverpool is considered the home of the Beatles, because they played there over 300 times. A lot of legendary British bands have also performed at the Cavern Club as well, including the Yardbirds, the Who and the Rolling Stones.

In the lawsuit filed, it says that the name Cavern Club is likely to cause confusion when the Hard Rock Café uses the name.

Las Vegas Convention Center To Offer Wi-Fi

Friday, November 25th, 2011

“In today’s always connected world, Wi-Fi is another vital tool that is essential to conducting business, and we pride ourselves in providing the best possible business environment for our visitors.” – Terry Jicinsky, Senior vice president of operations for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)

It’s about time, isn’t it? The Las Vegas Convention Center will finally have some Wi-Fi, and it certainly is long overdue! The Las Vegas Convention Center has a partnership with Smart City Networks, and will work together to make access to free Wi-Fi available to customers in the public areas of the convention center.

So many businesses offer free Wi-Fi nowadays to customers, it’s certainly a great step for the Las Vegas Convention Center to make. Smart City Networks, the technology provider that the convention center has partnered with, is looking to develop a tiered system to provide wireless access to visitors. The free Wi-Fi will be available 24 hours a day in public areas, and visitors will have the option to upgrade to a premium connection for just $12.95 a day. Exhibitors will still be able to access Wi-Fi now for trade shows at the continued rate of $99.95 per day.

With the upcoming changes being made to the Las Vegas Convention Center, this technological upgrade is a great way to kick start the change!