Better than the Cottage!

So summertime is the time for cottage trips. Maybe you go with your family, maybe you go with your friends. This year, leave the cottage trip with your family, and instead of going to the cottage with your friends, go to Las Vegas!

Now you’re thinking that’s just ridiculous, but it’s not if you go to Vegas Punk House and Paltry Museum. This is the Vegas home of NOFX frontman Fat Mike. Since he no longer lives in it, he rents it out. Going with 10 friends? No problem! This place sleeps up to 10 people. How is that possible in this three bedroom, two bathroom residence in Spring Valley? Well, one room has six bunk beds. It sounds a little grubby, yes. But, it’s the same deal at the cottage most of the time anyhow, isn’t it? What makes this place worthwhile going to is that it has some rockstar amenities you can’t get anywhere else in Las Vegas together. Not even the nicer Strip hotels can match this!

I’m talking free wifi, 9-hole putting green, pool table, game room with poker table and Centaur pinball machine, a saltwater pool, a caved hot tub, a tiki hut, a sunken living room with sitting couch, a large flat-screen TV, and a case of PBR in the fridge. Not so shabby anymore, is it!?

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