Catch the Most Amazing Las Vegas Shows this Year

Catch the Most Amazing Las Vegas Shows this Year


DAO, The Asian Celebration is a show that combines martial arts with killer acrobatics, some dance and heart pounding excitement all scored by great music.  The show is from China and the performers will awe you with feats of strength, will and incredible dexterity and timing.  The show is packed with dare devils and death defying antics.

DAO at the Riviera

DAO plays at the fabulous Riviera and tickets range from around forty-five and up.  Children that attend must be 5 years and up.  If you love a spectacular show of dance, martial arts and performances that will leave you amazed with some never before seen acrobatics and stunts, then DAO was made just for you.

Martial Artists in a Las Vegas Show

Among the many Las Vegas Shows this year, DAO has impressed.  The show has all the flair and excitement that you would expect from a Las Vegas Show, but with a kick or two from some of the most entertaining martial artists from China.

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