Elton John Kicks Off Las Vegas Run In October

If ever there was a reason to go to Las Vegas, here’s one: Elton John is back and better than ever. There’s no stopping this 64 year old music legend from making a big splash in Las Vegas.

The five-time Grammy winner returns two years later, when he last performed in 2009. He previously had a five year run in Las Vegas, and it started out as a three year stint. He was so amazing that the demand for him ended up extending it into five years.

Sir Elton John is back in Las Vegas now, for the next three years as the headliner at Caesars Palace. I have a feeling that history is going to repeat itself, and the demand for him will end up extending his gig into five years.

The new show is called “The Million Dollar Piano” and it’s named after the piano he’ll be playing. Interesting side story, it was built by Yamaha, and took four years to build. The previous 242 shows he did for Caesars Palace from 2003 to 2009 was called “The Red Piano”.

There are 16 shows scheduled in October, and it’s sure to be a major attraction for Caesars Palace as well as Las Vegas for the next three years.

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