First Mermaid Convention Makes Big Splash

The first ever mermaid convention, Mer-Con 2011 was held Friday in Las Vegas at the Silverton Casino. The Silverton Casino featured a 117,000-gallon aquarium, and was filled with marine life, such as sharks and fish, as well as performers dressed up as mermaids.

Hundreds of people attended the convention, and many women, as well as a few men who enjoy dressing up as mermaids as a hobby also attended. Participants came from across the country, as well as other countries like Australia and Denmark.

The one day event held a beauty pageant in which 28 women competed for the title of “Queen Mermaid”. The contestants all wore their “land clothes” before posing as a mermaid, and the age range was from 10 months to 42 years old. There was even a competition for “King Mermaid”, in which only two males competed.

No convention is complete without vendors, and vendors there were! Vendors sold a variety of hand made mermaid items, including tails, jewelry, hair extentions, and clothes. There was even an artist that painted mermaid pictures, as well as authors who sold mermaid-themed books.

With the popularity of vampires and werewolves, mermaids could soon find a place at the top with these super natural beings.

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