Get Green for Being Green

This is the first I’ve heard of this kind of offer…

Now, how many people have ever gone to a hotel, stayed a few days, and chosen not to have their room cleaned everyday? It is nice to come back to your room with a freshly made bed, and the mint/chocolate on your pillow, but do you really need that?

Here’s what the Hilton Las Vegas is doing for it’s guests when they choose not get their room cleaned the next day of their stay: a $10 food/drink voucher!

This is actually part of the Hilton’s “Go Green” drive going on now, and it’s actually not that horrible. You start off with a fresh clean room, and just by simply not getting your room cleaned the next day, you don’t get your bed made, and things are tidied up. Here’s what they don’t tell you though: You can easily take your trash out to the hallway garbage bins, and you can trade your used towels for freshly laundered ones. Not too bad, and you get something out of it, plus you’re helping the environment!

It’s pretty easy to get in on this deal. All guests have to do is call before 1am, and click the green “Go Green” button on the room phone and tell the phone representative that you’d like them not to clean your room. Pretty simple!

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