Goodman’s Parking Mission

One of the biggest headaches that drivers have to deal with in the city of Las Vegas is downtown parking. Mayor Carolyn Goodman knows this, and she wants to do something about it. During her campaign trail, she promised that she would make it a goal to fix Las Vegas’ downtown parking issues, and she’s kept true to her word.

To help Goodman keep her promise, she’s hired created a new position for a city Parking Services Manager. The lucky hire who landed this position is Brandy Stanley. Stanley comes with 15 years experience, having served this role in other places, and as the Parking Services Manager, her job will be to create a more streamlined parking system that will function well during daytime parking, and for special event parking.

It’s common to experience parking hassles like full garages, full parking lots, non-existent parking signs, and high priced meters. Goodman admitted in a press conference at City Hall that she hears it all the time from constituents, that there’s a problem with parking in downtown Las Vegas.

An innovative move that will definitely help those who want a parking spot when they are downtown is the creation of a mobile application that will allow drivers to view available parking spots. People will be able to go to the link available on the city’s website, and check out parking spot availability through their computer or smartphone.

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