Goodman To Become Brand Ambassador of Las Vegas

In two weeks, Mayor Oscar Goodman will be swearing in the new mayor of Las Vegas, his wife Carolyn Goodman. Talk about keeping it in the family!

While his wife takes over being mayor of Las Vegas that Oscar Goodman has served for 3 four-year terms doing, he’ll be working part time working for the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority. He has told reporters gathered at City Hall “I’ll be doing a part-time job as the brand of Las Vegas on behalf of the convention authority with the showgirls and the booze, promoting tourism.”

That’s not all the soon to be former mayor plans to be doing. He’s got an extensive list of projects he plans on tackling in the next chapter of his life. When he’s not representing the Las Vegas brand, he’ll be working on writing a book, making an appearance on “CSI: Las Vegas”, and starring in a documentary about his life. No surprise here, but the documentary may turn into a reality tv show. Shooting will commence when he passes over the Mayor reins to his wife in two weeks on July 6th.

Oscar Goodman commented on the past 12 years of being Las Vegas’ mayor, saying “Every day has been wonderful,” and “I don’t have one regret. I’ve done everything the way I wanted to do it.”

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