Grab Some Gold-To-Go

Normally, if you roll up to an ATM, you’re looking to withdraw cash, but a new innovation from the Golden Nugget Casinos gives you the chance to purchase actual bling from an automatic teller.

The new Gold-To-Go machine, located on the casino floor of the legendary Golden Nugget Casino dispenses real gold nuggets. You can pay with cash or credit, and prices are updated in real time to give you the best rate on your instant gold. The machine claims to provide customers with better prices than stores, as operating costs for Gold-to-Go are much less expensive. Cut out the middle man and you’ve got a fairly decent price for your own personal slice of gold.

There are many different formats available from the machine, including standard gold bars (from 1g to 1oz) and coins of various shapes and sizes. There is also a 10-day money-back guarantee, just in case your special souvenir isn’t quite up to snuff.

This is certainly proof that anything is literally possible in Las Vegas. So, if you want to buy a little something special for your sweetheart or an extravagant souvenir for yourself, Gold-to-Go is the way to go.

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