Las Vegas An Alternative for Superbowl Spectators

This weekend, thousands of football fans are making their way to Dallas for the 2010 Superbowl. For flights, tickets to the game and accommodations, the trip could end up costing over $2000 for a single person, but Las Vegas is offering up an affordable alternative for those looking to watch the game.

According to Jeremy Handell with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Association, watching the Superbowl in Las Vegas is a ‘phenomenal experience’. He states that if you can’t make it to the actual game, visiting Las Vegas to take in the experience is the next best thing.

Travel agents are currently touting travel deals to Las Vegas for the big weekend. One package that includes airfare and a night’s stay in a luxury hotel in the city would cost visitors less than $1000, half the cost of a trip to Dallas. And, if you’re not sitting the nosebleed seats, a ticket to the game could potentially be a couple of thousand dollars on top of everything.

There are always huge parties on the strip to celebrate the occasion. No matter who wins, you’re looking at a good time in Las Vegas, as bars, nightclubs and casinos offer up some amazing experiences to visitors during the Superbowl weekend.

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