Las Vegas Casinos

las vegas hotelThere is no doubt that when someone hears Las Vegas, they think money, casinos, lights, excitement! Even if they have never visited before, the media and word of mouth has pretty much instilled these thoughts of Vegas in every persons mind. Las Vegas does have many casinos, high end, top of the line, casinos.

There are seventy nine casinos in Las Vegas! That is a lot, thirty one of those are located on the famous “strip”. So gaming is not a problem when it comes to this city…most people will want to be on the strip though when they visit. Some of these casinos are directly connected to hotels, some also offer free shows!

Just doing a little research will help someone map out how they would like to attack the strip and what is most important for them to see. One will have to stop at the famous Bellagio, Luxor, and Caesar’s Palace. Even if they are not there to visit – these casinos are a sight to see!


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