Las Vegas Deals, Aliante Station, Flamingo Hotel and Circus Circus

Las Vegas Deals

las vegas dealsAliante Station has a 40% off rate going on now through December 29th 2011.  You can get the best savings by booking at least two months and one day in advance.  Other deals still exist but are not as significant as the rates for sixty-one days plus advanced booking.

Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Some other great savings can be found at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.  The prices are always much lower at the Flamingo than at other hotels on the Strip.  Some rooms go for $34.00 a night.  The Flamingo is still a classic Las Vegas Hotel and is bustling with activity at the lagoon pool and at their five pools and a grotto.  It’s a great place to cool down after a hot afternoon or a hot night.

Las Vegas Deals Circus Circus

You can also find Las Vegas Deals at Circus Circus Las Vegas.  This is the hotel that was so great they named it twice.  This four star hotel is home to a five acre fun part that includes some fast paced rides and a great indoor theme park adventure.  Check out the great prices and the jugglers, clowns and acrobats at Circus Circus.

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