Las Vegas Embraces Mobster Roots with the “Mob Experience”

las vegas hotels and casinosOne of the driving forces behind the development of Las Vegas and the casino community was the presence and history of organized crime. New attractions are being unveiled in Las Vegas that will look into the city’s infamous mobster past. A handful of museums and interactive attractions will allow visitors a glimpse into the world of organized crime.

One of the attractions can be found in the Tropicana hotel, which was once known as a popular hangout for Vegas mobsters. Their attraction was debuted Tuesday, and the hotel has labeled it the “Mob Experience”. Some of the highlights of the experience are the real diary of Meyer Lansky, as well as famous guns and mobster family videos.

Tourists should also look out for the museum scheduled to open sometime in late 2011. The location of the museum is inside a courthouse in downtown Las Vegas. This is symbolic as it was this courthouse that first revealed the presence of organized crime.

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