Las Vegas New Lamborghini Showroom

Opening up last night, the latest and greatest from Lamborghini was shown off in the new Henderson Las Vegas showroom. The highlight of the night was Lamborghini’s newest model, the Aventador LP 700-4.

On the guest list last night, close to 100 people came out for the exclusive showing at the newly expanded 2,600-square-foot showroom. On the list were Lamborghini owners, friends, and of course, admirers!

One such guest who came out for last night’s unveiling was Michael Obradovich, a Lamborghini owner. Despite the Las Vegas economy, and owning a Lamborghini already, Obradovich was found admiring all the newest models.

Lamborghini’s are valued in the $500,000, and it’s certainly not the kind of car anyone can drive. Despite the economy, Wolfgang Hoffmann, Lamborghini COO said that Las Vegas has a market that is growing. On average, the Las Vegas dealership sells 20 cars a year.

Many people buy Lamborghini’s for different reasons. Even the type of person who buys the Italian sports car has changed. Now more than ever, doctors and entrepreneurs buy themselves a Lamborghini because of the technology and innovation put into the car.

For someone like Obradovich, buying his 2008 Lamborghini Superleggera was more on the emotional level and on the handling. He saw the baddest car he’s ever seen, and the fact that it handles like a dream was what made him buy.


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