Las Vegas Offers Up More Than Gambling

As it turns out, sin city really is a Sin City. The Daily Meal website has ranked Las Vegas in 6th place as most ‘gluttonous’ city. The number one ranking city was New York City, and placing before Las Vegas is Detroit, Dallas, Houston and Miami.

Las Vegas is a popular destination for partying and gambling, and as it turns out, also for dining. With plenty of places to dine at, not to mention buffets that are open all day and all night, it’s not a big surprise Las Vegas cracked the top 20 list in the Daily Meal’s ‘America’s 20 Most Gluttonous Cities’.

So how was this determined by the Daily Meal? U.S. cities were ranked using the number of food type places per capita, so places like grocery stores, supermarkets, fast-food establishments and restaurants. The obesity rate was also included in the calculations.

The numbers for Las Vegas were startling, with 1,607 full-service restaurants, 1,089 fast-food restaurants, 263 grocery stores, and an obesity rate of 26 percent.

The Daily Meal said it was not a surprise that Las Vegas made it on the list. Considering the amount of endless buffets, coupled with multiple popular restaurants and eateries at every corner, it’s hard to avoid. Las Vegas is known for being a city of excess, and in this case, that applies to food as well. The Daily Meal also mentioned that it was interesting that Las Vegas ranked so high, considering the low population density.

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