Las Vegas Tour Freemont Street

las vegas tourThe city of Las Vegas has a rich history is full of fun, exciting and fabulous tours for its visitors. While the Las Vegas strip is a popular location to visit and gamble at, one of the most popular tours is that of the Fremont Street Experience.

Fremont Street is located in downtown Las Vegas and dates back to 1905. It is a pedestrian mall with a barrel vault canopy. The canopy that covers Fremont Street is a large screen that plays light shows a couple of times a night. Some of the shows that are put on include “Smoke Speed and Spinning Wheels”, “Area 51”, “Lucky Vegas”, “American Freedom” and “The Drop”.

While it is known that the casinos in Vegas never turn off their lights, when these shows start, all of the surrounding casinos go dark. The screen has been updated many times and now features over 12 million LED lights that are controlled by 10 different high tech computers.


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