Legalized Online Gambling Could Boost Las Vegas’ Economy

A recent report in the Las Vegas Sun makes a case for the legalization of online poker in the state of Nevada. It is becoming popular opinion that legalizing online gambling is beneficial to the overall economy of the United States, and a journalist at the Las Vegas Sun has adopted this stance.

According to Brian Greenspun, online gambling is the way forward for Las Vegas’ gambling market. He states that it is unlikely that new casinos and hotels will be built over the course of the next few years, as operators are opting to renovate and add amenities instead. As such, there are few ways that the Las Vegas gambling market can expand and generate much-needed revenue to keep the city going. Greenspun believes that online gambling presents a solution to this issue.

Should the federal government legalize online gambling, it seems that Las Vegas would be the go-to choice to regulatory advice. Being the biggest gambling capital in the country, Las Vegas has a unique expertise on the gambling market and would be of valuable assistance to the government. As such, more jobs would be created in the administrative sector of Las Vegas’ gambling industry, boosting the overall economy of the city and the state at large.

It seems that more and more people are supporting the option of legalizing online poker. Hopefully, the government will catch wind of this and look into legislation.

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