Luxury Gun Lounge Opening Early 2012

Las Vegas is known for offering up luxurious lounges and the like on the Strip. Las Vegas is known for being able to offer up unique, interesting and entertaining things to do, whether you’re there for the weekend, or a live in the area.

The latest unique offering coming to Las Vegas early next year is the first of its kind, luxury gun lounge. Called Machine Guns Vegas (MGV), this high end gun lounge will offer shooting lanes in a luxury lounge space on par with the Las Vegas gold standard. It’ll definitely beat shooting craps any day of the week.

Machine Guns Vegas will be a 10,000-square foot facility, with 16 shooting lanes. Guests can enjoy testing out their skills, then move on to the Gun Lounge and talk guns, or whatever their heart desires. Machine Guns Vegas will not be on the Strip, but it’ll be close by, so it’ll definitely be close enough for tourists to enjoy too.

Besides the shooting lanes, the Gun Lounge will also be enjoyable with its plush furnishings, sleek plasma televisions, iMac, complimentary refreshments, and a separate entrance. Talk about luxury! If that doesn’t make you feel like a rock star, then I don’t know what else will.

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