Man Presumed Dead Discovered in Las Vegas

Tragedy struck a family 25 years ago when a Chicago family man, Arthur Gerald Jones disappeared. Jones disappeared amidst looming debts and links to the mob. Jones was declared dead in 1986.

25 years ago, 40 year old Arthur Gerald Jones was a father of three. He went missing in May 1979.  He seemed to not be himself prior to his disappearance, and his wife at the time, Joanne was especially scared then. Joanne thought he may have been involved with the mob in Chicago, and it’s easy to assume the worst.

In 1986, Jones was declared dead after disappearing for 7 years. His wife and children collected $47,000 in benefits. All this time, they claimed they never heard from him.

Last week, Jones was discovered in Nevada. He was found in a bookmaker that he has worked a for a decade. At the age of 72, he has been arrested and charged with fraud, burglary, and identity theft/

Despite leaving behind a family decades ago, Jones moved on and found love in Nevada, with his girlfriend of 22 years, Patricia Baal. Despite everything,  Patricia Baal, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal “We’ve been together 22 years, and he’s been very loving and respectful to me and my family. And I love him. And everything’s fine.”

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