MGM Resorts Creates Loyalty Scheme

Las Vegas casinos and resorts earn a great deal of business from repeat customers. Business people and high rollers from all over the world make regular visits to the city of sin, and it is important for hotel operators to make the most of these valuable customers.

That’s why MGM Casino Resorts has launched a new loyalty scheme for its regular customers. Call M Life, the new loyalty program will ensure that visitors keep coming back to MGM Casino Resorts in Las Vegas.

Unlike many loyalty programs, M Life awards players for all of their spending at the resort, rather than only what they spend at the casino. Visitors will be rewarded for the cash their wager, in addition to the money spend on their rooms, room service and other important costs.

Many Las Vegas-based brands are launching new loyalty programs. Caesar’s Entertainment has just come out with a new scheme that also seeks to rewards the company’s most loyal customers. The programs are certainly worthwhile if you’re someone who spends a lot of time and money in the city of sin, so consider signing up!

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