Michael Jackson’s Immortal Extends Las Vegas Tour Dates

The Cirque Du Soleil show Immortal (based on Michael Jackson) is one of the company’s most highly-anticipated shows. Its first performance is set to take place on October 15th in Detroit, and the production company has already extended Immortal’s Las Vegas run.

Currently, the show will take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre nightly from December 3rd to the 11th. There will be two shows each night, and an inside source at The Las Vegas Sun has heard that there will be more shows added to this leg of the tour. Cirque Du Soleil has left dates open until December 30th, so it is likely that more shows will be scheduled between the 11th and the 30th in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is one of the entertainment capitals of the world, and all of the most popular tours always strive to put more Las Vegas dates on their schedule than for any other city. Immortal seems to be no exception, especially since Cirque Du Soleil shows have always proven to be wildly successful in Las Vegas.

The tour for Immortal will wrap up on July 29 after a final show in Atlanta. Then, the show will head to Montreal for its last North American show before heading overseas.

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