Millions in Meth and Heroin Seized

Officials in Las Vegas have cracked a huge drug ring, with an estimated street value of $5.7 million.

Five search warrants were served out by officials on Tuesday and Wednesday at five different locations, one in the Southwest Valley, one in Henderson, and three in northeast Las Vegas. Officials seized a number of things, including nine vehicles, five handguns, $280,000 in cash, 4.3 pounds of heroin, and 208 pounds of meth.

During a news conference on Thursday, Paul A. Rozario, DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge said that 11 arrests were made in connection to the bust, and 10 of those arrested were illegally in the country. It is still unclear how they entered the country, and how long they have been in the country illegally.

The names of the arrested have been released, and the ring leader, Cavadas is also in custody. The arrested are Jorge Loza, 26, Armando Lara, 37, Sergio Vieyra-Medrano, 37, Oscar Cavadas, 26, Felix Roman, 27, Mayra Torres, 29, Salvador Garibo, 27, Cecilia Salgado, 55 and Alejandro Gomez, 31. There was also a juvenile arrest. All of them have been booked on multiple counts of trafficking in narcotics. It is believed that all 11 are members of a Mexican drug cartel.

Rozario also said at the conference that this was the largest meth bust in Nevada to date.

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