Nevada Intrastate Poker System On Its Way!

Las Vegas will soon be home to ALL kinds of gambling, and it’s about time!

Of all states to offer online gambling and online poker, Nevada should be the first one to do it, and by the looks of it, they will be! The Nevada Gaming Commission has approved poker regulations for an intrastate system in Nevada.

Gambling is a huge part of Nevada, and to be able to offer gambling at brick and mortar casinos, and not be able to offer it online seems rather silly, especially for a state that is known to be home to a place like Las Vegas.

Online gambling legalization is taking quite some time in the United States, and what has happened is that individual states, such as Nevada, have pursued intrastate systems for online poker. Legally at the federal level, it is still illegal to gamble across the nation, but if a state allows for it, then a state can offer it exclusively to residents of the state, and not beyond.

Once Nevada starts offering up an intrastate system, other states will likely follow, and it will be a domino effect. It would not be surprising if most states started offering up an intrastate system, and then suddenly, the federal government wants to lift the nation wide ban online gambling.

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