Nevada Prepares Draft Of Online Gambling Rules

If the Federal Government legalizes online gambling in the near future, the State of Nevada and Las Vegas are ready for it. Nevada has jumped the gun, and written up a draft of rules and regulations for when online gambling becomes legal in the state. State lawmakers actually proposed that Nevada do this, suggesting that Nevada have some of the required regulations in place before January to ensure that they will be ready to license and regulate online gambling.

Nevada is the home state of Las Vegas, and of course, Las Vegas casino operators and owners are also preparing to take the lead in the online gambling community. Casino operators and owners want to position themselves as the industry leader on all gambling fronts, including online gambling, so they have hit the ground running with the prospect of online gambling being legalized early on in 2012.

The regulations that are in place now include taxation and games. Operators for online gambling and poker sites will be taxed the same rate as land based casinos in Nevada, which seems fair. Games will be limited in terms of variety, as only games where players can wager against each other will be available. That means games against the ‘House’, like Black Jack, Craps, and Roulette will not be available to play.

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