Online Gambling In California Delayed

Legalization of online gambling in California looks like it will face yet another delay. Over two years ago, bills to legalize online gambling were sent to California’s Capitol, and it looks like another year is going to go by for those bills, which have been pushed onto the backburner.

A much needed conversation is urgently needed on the future of online gambling in California. What should be discussed is how internet gambling will be implemented, and how to best reap the rewards and benefits of it.

Representing several Indian tribes, Howard Dickstein said “Any time there’s a major new legislative initiative that is contentious, the details of which have to be worked out, it’s good for the business of lobbyists, political consultants and lawyers” and further added “Any issue where there is this much money involved is going to attract advocacy on all sides.”

Many people in the industry, including Indian tribes, want to help shape and mould the future online gambling industry in California. There is much support in California to legalize online gambling, because there are so many benefits for the state itself. Revenue generated would be in the hundred millions, taxes can be collected on that and the state would benefit from that, and even new jobs can be created.

Many states across the United States are having issues with legalizing online gambling, with it still being illegal at the federal level. Progress is slowly being made, but U.S. residents should not expect any legalization any time soon.

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