Online Gambling Starting to Become Legal in the U.S.

…And the first state to legalize online gambling should come as no surprise. Home of Las Vegas, the State of Nevada is the first state to legalize online gambling.

It’s about time really. So many countries have already jumped on the legalization wagon, and it’s a pretty smart financial move on their parts. The profits of online gambling have been going up more and more each year, and governments are come to realize that this is a big cash cow that they need to milk.

Of all the States to legalize online gambling first, Nevada makes the most sense, after all it is home to the most land based gambling. Now before everyone goes and assumes that online gambling is legal across the U.S., hold your horses! Thanks to the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, online gambling is legal on a state level after he signed the interactive gaming bill. That means the bill is only state level, and not federal level. Unfortunately, online gambling is still unregulated at the federal level.

Is the legalization of online gambling underway across the U.S.? It certainly looks like it could be headed that way! Keep your eyes opened! Maybe another State will be joining Nevada soon!

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