Online Gaming Threatens Vegas Poker Industry

High stakes poker games have been moving online for some time now. This has led many to wonder, included the grandfather of poker himself Doyle Brunson, to think that the end of Vegas gambling is near. Big Las Vegas casinos such as Binions, The Mirage and even the Aria owned by Phil Ivey have always been home to some of the biggest poker games in the world. With the rise of online gambling and land based casinos such as Macau, the days of high stake games in these establishments are numbered.

Brunson himself posted on his blog that Vegas is no longer the most desired place to play. He also pointed out that the town itself no longer holds much attraction for the players to choose it as their home base. With high stake games dwindling, many are looking to greener pastures. Phil Ivey also agreed with Brunson’s take on the future of Vegas gambling. The only real high stake games seem to be when the tournaments are in town.

Many players are now looking to California for their next gold rush. Should California take the challenge and be able to provide the action, many will be moving. The winds of change are starting and a new era is beginning as Vegas slowly dies. The state has many problems that make it an unattractive place to live, and the big players would be happy to leave it to the tourists and the locals. Whether or not Vegas can survive with this demographic remains to be seen.

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