Original Mannequin Exhibition

Las Vegas Mannequins recently hosted a new concept event called “Naked” in downtown Las Vegas. The event is an artistic look at mannequins as an art form in real life settings, instead of the conventional clothing display.

The SoHo Lofts had the grand opening of their new art wing, and the “Naked” event was held there. A variety of mannequins were placed into the hall  and formed into various positions to mimic motion. There were mannequins everywhere! Some hanging from the ceiling, dancing, diving, swinging, doing yoga, sitting, and even standing!

Because the facility is much larger, the mannequins were varied, from flesh tone to high gloss, and they were placed in different locations. Soft lighting added to the ambiance of the displaya, and each mannequin seemed to come more to life as a result.

The goal of the Naked exhibition was to show off the stylization and design of each mannequin, right down to every last detail. The outstanding craftsmanship that went into each mannequin could be seen throughout the entire exhibition, and it was admired by guests.

Guests were able to enjoy the exhibition in depth, with details on each design, including the process of creation, and even what was implemented.  The show was definitely an original one, and no exhibition like this has ever been produced before.

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