Oscar’s Steakhouse Coming This Fall

Despite only just passing the mayoral torch to his wife recently, former mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman is as busy as ever.

Oscar Goodman will be opening a steakhouse this Fall inside the iconic dome of the Plaza Hotel and Casino which overlooks the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The steakhouse will be a namesake, named Oscar’s. It will open later in the Fall, and be a fine dining restaurant that will serve dinner and Sunday brunch.

Oscar Goodman’s 12 years as mayor of Las Vegas have given him many memories, as well as photographs. The décor of Oscar’s will include these photographs and various memorabilia from his mayoral years. It will be a unique and glamorous steakhouse, and a homage to Goodman’s 12 years as Las Vegas’ mayor.

Goodman has said “I can’t wait to open Oscar’s – my own steakhouse – that will have the charm and glamour of the Las Vegas that I love. Many people may remember that I once called for the Plaza to be torn down, but the much-needed investment by its committed owners has transformed it into the coolest place in Vegas.”

Tony Santo, president and CEO of Play LV, has said that the Plaza is honoured to be home to Oscar’s. When the Plaza re-opens next month, Oscar’s will be opened with it, and tourists and residents will be able to enjoy it.

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