Paris Las Vegas Hotel Get the Deal Now

Paris Las Vegas Hotel Get the Deal Now

The Paris Las Vegas is running a great deal right now where you and your family can stay anytime between now and the end of September at 30% off the regular room rates.  This is a great time to take the deal, because if you’re going to stay in Vegas, you should try your best to stay there in style and nothing says style more than the Paris Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip

As a guest of the Paris, you and your companions can be treated to some of the best hospitality on the Strip.  Lean back and relax as you get some rays on the two acre rooftop pool area where you can look off into the distance and see the perfect replica of the Eiffel Tower.  Shopping and eating are top notch at the Paris, especially if you love the flair and ambiance of a recreation of a French street including a French cafe and garden.  If a Parisian lifestyle is something you would love to enjoy for a few days, without having to travel all the way to France, then Vegas has it baby.

Las Vegas Shows

Book your deal with the Paris Las Vegas today and enjoy Las Vegas shows, food and drink specials along with golf, discounts on retail purchases and a day at the spa.  There’s a lot going on at the Paris Las Vegas this year and the only thing that is missing is you.


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