Potential Kinks in Las Vegas’ Plans for Online Gambling

Recently, local councils across Nevada have been working hard, preparing for the possible legalization and regulation of online gambling in the state. The movement has been gaining a great deal of momentum, but some possible complications may arise.

The Senate Indian Affairs Committee recently made its case against online gambling known. The group noted that legalizing and regulating online gambling would put Native communities at a disadvantage. With over 40% of the communities’ funds coming from gambling revenues, Native groups’ failure to keep up with the online gambling market could be detrimental to their development.

Glen Gobin of the Tulalip Tribe has stated that it would take Native gambling operators longer than established casino companies to develop online gambling websites. He believe that this would put the community at a great disadvantage, while competition from bigger brands would also be a huge drawback.

Another problem is that the proposed bill would charge online operators licensing and operation fees. However, Native casinos are exempt from such charges, and Gobin believes that the legislation should be redrafted as it violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

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