Progressive Jackpots Available for Las Vegas Table Games

Progressive jackpots are a big draw for players at online gambling websites. Not only are they available on slots games; they can be found on card and table games, making playing online a potentially more lucrative experience for players with all types of gambling tastes.

In addition to linking jackpots of games within one casino, the can be linked between casinos in the online world – an option that is not normally available at traditional casinos. Now, Las Vegas casinos are bringing that same experience to the land-based gambling world. Jackpots for Pai Gow games at Red Rock Resorts and Sunset Station have been linked, so that all wagers on the games contribute to the total jackpot.

As the jackpot increases, the total is displayed in real time so players can see just exactly how large of a prize they are playing for. This will certainly increase the excitement factor of games like Pai Gow, and is likely to encourage more people to play in land-based casinos over online gambling websites.

For the time being, the jackpot will stay linked between Red Rock and Sunset Station. If the venture proves to be popular, the operator will expand the reach of the progressive jackpot. Last week, the jackpot reached nearly $200 000 – imagine how generous it could be if the progressive network expands!

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