Sahara Renovation Approved

Serving celebrities, tourists, and regular people, the Sahara hotel-casino was the epicentre of Las Vegas for 60 years. Unfortunately, the Sahara was forced to close its doors 6 months ago. The culprit behind the untimely end of the Sahara is the recession.

All is not lost though, as it was voted unanimously on Wednesday that the Sahara would undergo a remodelling, after a remodelling plan was approved by the Clark County Commission. It is hoped that the remodelling of the Sahara will bring some lustre back into the north end of the Strip, which has been lacklustre lately.

The Sahara’s remodelling plan will change quite a few things, and by the sounds of it, it’ll be amazing. The existing room towers will be renovated, so the Tunis, Tangiers and Alexandria. The roller coaster will be gone, and taking over its real estate will be a constructed 2,830-square-foot beer garden. Even the number of hotel rooms will change, going from 1,700 to 1,622.

As well as the changes to the hotel-casino, there are plans to add retail, tenant and restaurant spaces. The casino will also undergo a transformation, and there will also be new additions added to the hotel-casino that will attract tourists. From a new pool deck area, to a 21,000 square-foot nightclub, as well as a and 41,000 square-foot convention space, these will all be new constructions.

No details about the cost or when this project will be underway have been released.

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