Sir Philip Green Eyes Las Vegas For Next Topshop

After opening a Topshop store in Chicago, Sir Philip Green’s eyes have shifted to Las Vegas for his next Topshop location. He has plans of stepping up a United States expansion, and Las Vegas would definitely be a great place to put a Topshop.

Sir Philip is a billionaire retailer, and wants his third flagship store to be in Las Vegas by early next year. He just opened up his second United States store in Chicago, in a three-storey 35,000 sq ft store. He opened up his first store in the United States back in 2009 in New York.

Commenting on the different market, Sir Philip said “This is going to be the next test. It’s completely different from New York. It is a completely different market.” He also added “When you see this, I think it shows we are still moving the business forward in terms of the brand development. We are still pushing the brand. Moving the boundaries of the brand on again.”

Sir Philip is not just planning to expand Topshops stores across the United States, he’s also expanding Arcadia’s international franchise business, opening 80 net stores, increasing the number of international stores to 580 in total across 32 countries.

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