Sneak Peek of Real World: Las Vegas

In 2002, the popular MTV series The Real World was set in the Las Vegas. To this day, the season remains the most popular of all those released by the series. Of course, being in the City of Sin opened up doors for the show’s cast to get even wilder and crazier than those of past seasons, making for some great television.

This year, The Real World will return to Las Vegas for the 25th season of the popular series. The cast of seven strangers will have their lives taped as they go about their daily lives in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

On, there is a sneak preview video available so you can get a quick taste of the crazy drama that will ensue on this season of The Real World. There will be fights, sex, gambling and all other sorts of intense happenings taking place in the Penthouse suite. But, will it gain more ratings than the ever-popular Jersey Shore?

This will certainly be a reason that you will not want to miss. The show premieres in March and will air every Wednesday at 10pm. So, check out MTV to catch the latest drama!

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