The Plaza Hotel and Casino Set to be in Full Swing starting August

Last November, The Plaza Hotel and Casino closed it’s 1,037-room hotel, and casino. After undergoing an extensive overhaul, the casino floor and lobby has been remodeled.

Hotel officials have announced that The Plaza Hotel and Casino will start accepting patrons in their casino in August, and start accepting hotel guests in September when they open their hotel up.

Consumer spending in Las Vegas has declined over the past few years, and as a result, visitors are spending less on hotels, gambling, and entertainment. Many hotels have reduced their prices to attract more visitors, and it’s gotten very competitive. Hopefully The Plaza Hotel and Casino are priced right. They especially can’t afford to not have customers after their pricey renovation, a whopping $35 million.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino’s website is up and running, and you can book your room now! The rooms are really modern and fresh, so that at least makes it worth the stay. With prices starting as low as $44, that’s bargain! You’d be crazy not to stay there at least once!

To celebrate the Plaza’s re-opening, they are hosting a Super Bingo Event from August 26 -28. Come and play 42 games in 2 days, and win your share of $150,000! Check out their website for more information and to see photos of their new rooms!

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