The Super Bowl of Super Bowls!

Yesterday’s big Super Bowl game was like no other. Big fans of the Green Bay Packers were not disappointed by the victorious win. For those hardcore fans, it was a roller coaster ride of pure adrenaline.

The Super Bowl isn’t a time to just watch the big game, and watch some cool commercials, it’s also a time to make some serious bets. Where’s the best place to gamble? Las Vegas of course! And Super Bowl XLV bets were no exception.

Sports books throughout the city paid out a lot of money to the public, and with the economy getting better, folks had more money to bet. Last year alone, $82.7 million was bet on Super Bowl Sunday, with state casinos collecting a cool $6.8 million.

Long time Packers fan, Bahman Khandehroo of Los Angeles proclaimed yesterday’s game to be the best Super Bowl game he’s watched since he started tuning in these past 14 years since 1996. Khandehroo was one of many big winners yesterday. He was in Las Vegas for the big game, and said “This is the greatest place to watch this game ever created. I’m on top of the world.” Many bettors agreed with Khandehroo, and it makes sense. There’s no place better to win a bet than Las Vegas.

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