WSOP Chip Leader Strong Contender for Gold Bracelet

WSOP’s Main Event Day 4 chip leader, Manoj Viswanathan is a strong contender for this year’s World Series of Poker champ.

The 26 year old attorney from New York is playing at the World Series of Poker for the first time in his life this year, and so far, he’s got a sizable chip lead, which could help towards winning a Gold Bracelet.

Viswanathan didn’t start out playing poker the same way the past three previous WSOP champs have. They all started online, learning how to play poker there, and then getting really good at it, and then entering WSOP. They went on to win pretty big, and since then, Jonathan Duhamel, Joe Cada and Peter Eastgate have been living the good life.

Viswanathan on the other hand, played with buddies while studying in college at MIT, and during his down time and law school years at NYU. The staggering $10,000 fee is no chump change, and Viswanathan had a hard time stomaching that kind of fee. Thankfully enough, his friends saw it as an investment opportunity, and paid for half the fee. It looks like Viswanathan is going to walk away with some kind of win, it’s just a matter of what it’ll be. He’d really like to win this year’s Gold Bracelet, and as proven in the past, anything is possible.

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