Wynn Las Vegas Sues Cheaters

Wynn Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit against two Argentine players that won $145,000 playing craps in July. According to the resort, the players cheated be “dice sliding.”

The players being sued are Leonardo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul. The two won $145,000 back in July with just seven rounds at the craps tables. Wynn alleges they were “dice sliding” after checking out surveillance tapes. Dice sliding is when dice are held in a such a way that the winning numbers will be facing upwards, and the player will pretend to just throw them against the table, but in actuality, they don’t, and the dice end up staying on the winning numbers, leading to winning, and in their case, winning quite a bit. Leonardo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul were regulars at Wynn, and were arrested.

Jerry Markling, the Nevada Gaming Control Board enforcement chief commented on the type of cheating that was used, saying “it’s not a common form of cheating because it involves a considerable amount of skill and practice.”

According to court papers, the two players were playing at different craps tables, as part of different teams. Their accomplices would distract casino employees at the table during which time, the dice sliding would occur. It is a very difficult form of cheating to pull off, as there are many possible bets that can be thrown down by players, and there’s normally more than just one staff member at the table.

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