“Restaurant: Impossible” To Reopen Las Vegas Restaurant

Restaurant: Impossible, hosted by the Food Network chef, Robert Irvine has hit Las Vegas.

Producers of the show chose the Maple Tree Café in Las Vegas for their latest show. Robert Irvine never asks why the producers choose the places that they do, and the Maple Tree Café was no exception.

Irvine commented on the restaurant, on the last day of production, saying “When I first pull up in my car, I’m really seeing everything for the first time, and I don’t want to spoil that.”

Not surprising to hear, Irvine also said “The decor and the food was awful, and like so many places we visit, we had to fix the relationships first. There was a huge rift in the family that owns it. They don’t get on at all. It’s a bit like having children.”

The premise of Restaurant: Impossible is that restaurants near financial failure are sought out, and the ones that are in dire need of renovations are the ones that end up getting on the show.

Maple Tree Café is located on Spring Mountain Road near Jones Boulevard. Production of the show only just started, but the crew shot from 7a.m. until midnight. It’s a huge undertaking, but for anyone who has seen the show, it’s amazing what a little time and some money can do.

Talking about the budget and time constraints, Irvine said “It’s a real two days and a real $10,000. We really have less than two days, because we’re constantly stopping and starting. That takes away time.”

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