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President Barack Obama In Las Vegas

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

President Barack Obama has landed in Las Vegas! He arrived at the McCarran International Airport today. His trip started off in Phoenix, and Air Force One safely arrived at McCarran International Airport just before 6:40 p.m.

President Obama is on a five day, three state tour to discuss job creation, as well as promote income equality and manufacturing jobs.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman had the opportunity to greet President Obama this evening, and she talked to the president for a few minutes, welcoming him to Las Vegas again.

Last time Mayor Goodman gave President Obama a Las Vegas souvenir, which was a mayor good luck chip. She also gave the president a few extra chips to give to his daughters.

This time around, Mayor Goodman gave the president a little lapel pin in the shape of the iconic Las Vegas welcome sign. The pin also lights up. Besides sharing a little souvenir, and a friendly embrace, Mayor Goodman took the opportunity to share what was on her mind, speaking on behalf of Las Vegas.

Mayor Goodman brought up critical topics such as foreclosures and the mortgage crisis, and asked him to help free up money from private lenders. In response, the president shared that in his State of the Union address that there is a plan to help Americans whose home values have declined.


Lion Habitat At MGM Grand Closing Next Week

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

The end of January marks the end of the first month of 2012, and also the end of MGM Grand’s Lion Habitat. The lion habitat, which is considered to be an icon of MGM Grand is permanently closing its doors on January 31st. The lion habitat opened in 1999, and has been a free attraction since then.

No word has been released from MGM officials on what will replace the lion habitat area, which is a 5,000-square-foot, glass-encased structure, worth a cool $9 million.

MGM Resorts began a huge remodel of the MGM Grand back in October 2011, with a budget of $160 million. It is expected that the tremendous undertaking will take about a year, so the pricey remodel should be completed just in time for October 2012. It seems like the MGM Grand is going to be going through a massive overhaul of a remodel, with each of the main tower’s 3,570 hotel rooms, as well as the 643 suites getting a makeover.

It won’t just be the rooms and suites getting a makeover though, as the rest of the property will also be remodelled, from the casino floor, to the restaurants, to the clubs, and even the showrooms.

MGM Resorts spokeswoman, Yvette Monet commented on the massive remodel of the MGM Grand, saying “That is part of an overall property-wide renovation project. There are going to be significant changes in the casino and hotel.”

Hopefully these changes are for the good. In the last couple of years, many hotels and casinos have undergone remodels to breathe new life back into the properties. The latest resort to finish a remodel was the Bellagio.

President Obama Stopping In Las Vegas

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Coming to Las Vegas next week, is President Barack Obama! The president will be swinging by Las Vegas on one of his stops through the West and Midwest.

President Obama will arrive in Las Vegas on Wednesday, January 25th, and stay overnight, departing the next day. No further details about the trip and the stop over have been released, except that the president’s visit is official White House business.

Vice President Joe Biden will pay a visit to Reno’s Galena High School on Thursday, January 26th to talk about college affordability.

Although the president and vice president’s stop over in Las Vegas is not part of the official 2012 re-election campaign effort, the visits are likely going to gain some Democratic voters just before the Republican presidential field arrives in Nevada in early February.

Before making his arrival in Las Vegas on January 25th, the president will make stops in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Phoenix. After staying one night, the president will leave Las Vegas and make his way to Denver, and then to Detriot, before finally retuning to Washington, D.C.

President Obama’s last visit to Las Vegas was in October, a few days after the Republican presidential candidates held a debate there. During that time, President Obama unveiled a new housing plan.