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Las Vegas City Hall Opens

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Yesterday morning at 10 a.m., the doors opened to Las Vegas’ new City Hall. After years of planning and construction, not to mention a substantial $188.3 million loan, it is finally done!

The new state-of-the-art facility is located downtown at 495 South Main Street, and the total cost of the project rings in at about $146 million. The new facility is a seven-story structure that houses departments inside, which include: City Attorney, City Clerk, Auditor, Human Resources, Economic and Urban Development, Parks & Recreation and Contracts & Purchasing.

Starting next Monday, the rest of Las Vegas’ city services will be offered at the new site as well.

There has been criticism that the new facility was a very expensive project that cost too much, especially in the middle of a recession. City leaders and other supporters argued the importance of the project, saying that this was the best time to do it as financing was cheap, and labour costs have also gone down. Another argument that was made in favor of the new City Hall was that it is part of the plan to revitalize Downtown Las Vegas.

The new facility may have cost a significant amount, but the savings for the city will be around $400,000 annually as the building is LEEDS Certified energy efficient.

Commenting on the new facility, Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman said “It’s a remarkable undertaking and it’s setting a standard for our community and our state. Any group that wants to build, they need to come here to take a look at this facility.”

Henderson Police Chief Asked To Resign

Friday, February 17th, 2012

In the wake of the motorist beating that made headlines recently, the Henderson Police Chief, Jutta Chambers has been asked to resign, according to City Hall sources.

On February 7, 2012, video footage was captured from a Nevada Highway Patrol dashboard camera. In this footage, a Henderson Police officer could be seen kicking a man in the head during a traffic stop.

The city manager, Mark Calhoun made the request to Jutta Chambers to resign. It is likely that Calhoun himself was pressured into making the request by members of the Henderson City Council. Understandably, it likely didn’t sit well with the residents of Henderson, and the Henderson City Council should be acting in the best interest of their constituents. At the end of the day though, hopefully the City Council did not pressure Calhoun too much, as it would be a violation of the city charter.

Sources have said that Jutta Chambers will likely retire instead of resign, if she does decide to go along with the request.

Jutta Chambers was actually the first female police officer in Henderson’s police department. She has been there for 30 years, and became the Henderson Police Chief in 2008. Since becoming chief, she did a lot of good, and made many essential changes in the department.

“The Godfather” Screenplay Auctions For $12,000

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Awhile ago, a lady from the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada brought in a leather-bound, studio copy of the screenplay for the blockbuster movie “The Godfather” to the pawn shop featured on the show, Pawn Stars. This lady was offered $500, and she declined.

It looks like she had the right idea, because it went to auction and brought in $12,000 last week.

The story gets more interesting though. Within the screenplay, there was an inscription that read “Bob — It cost me a lot … but there’s one thing that I got … ulcers — Thanks — Al.”

It was assumed that “Al” was Al Pacino, but in fact was an inscription by the producer Al Ruddy. Ruddy saw this episode of Pawn Stars, and decided he wanted to help the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada charity. He ended up donating some additional Hollywood memorabilia, as well as photographs from the movie set of “The Godfather.” On top of that, Ruddy went the extra mile and videotaped a little video for the eventual owner of the screenplay, congratulating them. Ruddy believed that the additional goodies would help the value of the screenplay, and he wanted the charity to be able to make the most that they could at auction.

When it came time for the auction, Ruddy’s wife ended up purchasing the screenplay to surprise her husband. Ruddy was flabbergasted the morning she set it down on the table beside his omelette.

Here’s his wife’s explanation as to why she made the purchase: “I have a very creative and talented husband who has managed to win two Oscars (best-picture awards for “The Godfather” in 1972 and “Million Dollar Baby” in 2004), and I like to have things in twos to make our two children happy. So I wanted a second studio copy of the ‘Godfather’ screenplay.”