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British Bookmakers Bet on Obama for Reelection

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Barack Obama will remain President, if British bookmakers have any say on the vote.  Instead of just sportsbetting or horseracing bets, British bookies offer political bets to gamblers all over the world for important political events such as the US election.  Obama is the candidate most gamers are choosing to place their money on but his challenger Mitt Romney would almost double an initial bet given his odds of winning under British expectations.

Political betting is a practice that Britain’s largest bookmaker William Hill says reaches gamers who are uninterested in betting on the track or on a sports match.

“It gets us to people that we otherwise couldn’t reach,” says William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe.  Of course players who would be most interested in betting the odds of the US election outcome are US players themselves, who under federal law are unable to place such wagers.  The bookmaker says it expects what translates into $1.6 million to be placed through them on the election.

Online gambling site Betfair is also taking bets on the electoral outcome.  Their odds are approximately two thirds in Obama’s favor over Romney.  Although British gaming support is largely on Obama’s side the non-money betting polls in the US have the candidates near neck and neck with each other making these last few weeks of campaigning all the more important.

In Nevada the race for the state’s senate seat is split nearly as evenly as the race for the Presidency.  Analysts are expecting the Nevada race could come down to which candidate Democrat Shelley Berkeley or Republican Dean Heller is providing more support for the promotion of online poker legalization in the state.

Gambling Industry Expected to Donate Over $50 Million to Election

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

A little money can definitely help get your message across.  The gambling industry across the United States is reportedly donating over $50 million to the current election campaign in hopes of garnering support for their bids to legalize poker, gambling, and in the long run online gaming in general no matter which side wins the election.

According to reports out of the Las Vegas Sun the bulk of the donated money is actually being used to help support state candidates get into congress rather than the main presidential battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Gambling analyst Robert LaFleur says gambling is a state issue and as a result it makes sense that the bulk of the funding is being used to support the state candidates who will directly champion the fight for legalized gambling.

In the state of Nevada which has recently allowed the legalization of online poker sites the battle for the senate seat is a close race, as both Republican Dean Heller and Democrat Shelley Berkeley have strong monetary policies that have gathered support from many voters across the state.  But the swing votes may be the deciding factor and the ballot issue may come down to who is doing more to support online poker legalization.

Political science professor Mark Peplowski says the over $50 million donations is the casinos’ way of covering the spread in a manner similar to sports betting.  No matter which candidate wins the casinos have a cause to promote more business at their venues and having a state senator onside with their practice is a definite win in the casino books.

“The casinos usually cover both sides of the ticket, just to make sure.”

Nevada Grants Approval for Three New Online Poker Sites

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Online gambling in Nevada has been made legal and the race to acquire online gambling licenses in the state has allowed many winners to prevail.  So far there have been eleven different companies to have successfully acquired consent from the Nevada Gaming Control Board with the three latest to join the group being Fertitta Interactive, Golden Nugget, and Boyd Gaming.

With the consent from the Nevada authorities the three companies are rushing to acquire deals with network infrastructure companies that will offer gaming platforms to use for the newly granted online casinos.  For example Golden Nugget has previously worked out a deal with Bally Technologies, who provides online poker infrastructure to many gaming companies and has also been granted legal operating status by the Nevada Gaming Board.

Boyd Gaming has a deal in place with Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment to use the Bwin software for online poker service.  However unlike Golden Nugget Boyd will not be launching its service immediately because Bwin’s application for approval by the Nevada authorities has not been heard before the gaming board yet and Boyd does not wish to take the chance of violating state law.

Fertitta has an advantage with its new approval as it intends to operate an online poker site using its Ultimate Gaming brand name.  The Ultimate Gaming name is most closely associated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and that recognition is something Ultimate Gaming chairman Tom Breitling feels gives their upcoming poker site a key advantage over other operators.

With more applicants still before the Nevada Gaming Board the number of licensed online poker sites is expected to grow in the weeks and months ahead.  But like in a game of poker the chip leader usually has the muscle to take the pot down.