Buy Items From Pawn Stars Online

Thanks to their popular show, Pawn Stars, the guys at Gold & Silver Pawn in Las Vegas are a popular shop stop in Las Vegas. Visitors often line up outside during the day just to get in and take a look at the treasures the guys have acquired over the years.

Business is booming at the shop, and now the Gold & Silver Pawn has expanded to the internet, selling and swapping goods from their pawn shop in Las Vegas. They have started using a website called to sell items. The items vary, but some things that they have are $499.99 pair of Levi blue jeans, and $159.99 Bachmann Silverton Flyer train set, which the old man probably loves. There’s even a bobble head of Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison for just $24.99.

Besides selling things from the Gold & Silver Pawn shop, owner Rick Harrison also admitted to buying a vintage purse for his wife.

Although they are only selling around 10 items on the site, it likely won’t be long before they add on more items that they are selling. It’ll be interesting to see if they ever venture deeper into selling things online, or create a mobile application for their shop.

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