Caesar’s Palace Greeted by Shania Twain and 40 Horses

Shania Twain is still the one to make a grand entrance.  The world famous country singer touched down in Las Vegas earlier this week to announce the beginning of a two year headlining act at Caesar’s Palace, which will open on December 1.  However, the way that Twain made her appearance in the city perhaps will generate as much talk as her many shows at the casino.  Riding into town flanked by 40 horses, the opening act was a reminder to locals and tourists to expect the unexpected in Las Vegas.

The 40 horse brigade was referred to by some locals as a stampede, but there were a number of wranglers on hand to keep the horses from getting out of control.  As Twain was arriving, her famous song “Still The One” blasted on speakers as the horses approached a red carpet already laid out.  Shania’s arrival drew many gamers from inside Caesar’s Palace outside to the fountains as she stepped down onto the red carpet and addressed the crowd on a stage that had been set up by the fountains.

“After many years of not seeing each other on the live stage, I look forward to that reunion!”

Shania has been absent from the music scene for the last few years.  After going through a painful divorce, she withdrew from recording and instead focused on other projects.  However, she has been busy recording her newest album for the last year and a half, having released the first single from the album in June, 2011.

Shania will be performing in Caesar’s Colosseum, which is capable of hosting a crowd of over 4,000.  The headlining act in Las Vegas is expected to be a triumphant return for the country singer to the performance stage.

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