Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is September, and one such foundation that supports this month is the Cure 4 the Kids Foundation.

The Cure 4 the Kids Foundation will get support in September from several Town Square restaurants, which is a great way to get the community involved. Participating restaurants will donate a portion of their sales from various menu items to the to Cure 4 the Kids.

The Cure 4 the Kids is a nonprofit foundation that supports and funds the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada. The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada is a nonprofit pediatric cancer outpatient treatment center in the state of Nevada, and raising funds for it is very important.

Cancer is a very scary disease, and even more heartbreaking for parents to go through when their child has it. There are so many children with health insurance, but as they go through the battle against cancer, parents soon realize that health insurance isn’t enough, and that it doesn’t cover everything. It’s even scarier for parents when there’s no health insurance at all.

The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada is such a special place, especially because it helps out families in need that can’t afford treatment for their children. It is so important to get treatment in a timely fashion, as it improves the chances of survival, as well as cuts down on long term effects.

If you can’t make it out to dine and donate, make a donation at

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