Complaints Of Public Sexual Displays Haunt Las Vegas Eagle

Las Vegas may have its reputation as Sin City, but that label does have limits.  The Nevada State Gaming Control Board filed a complaint against the Las Vegas Eagle because customers had witnessed other customers performing sexually suggestive acts on the premises.  The Eagle is a bar with a restricted gaming license that allows slot machines to be operated on site.

The complaint made it to the Nevada Gaming Commission and cites “sexually suggestive postings” on craigslist that fully display the Eagle’s main room.  Eagle owner Judy R. Nelson has owned the bar for 25 years.  She claims not to own a computer, and therefore was unaware of the craigslist posting.

Nelson did admit there were concerns of public sexual displays during an ‘underwear night’ on November 19, 2011.  She says she did not approve of the event, and the bartender who was responsible is no longer employed at the Eagle.

The complaint alleges it was not just this one incident that has raised a red flag.  Nevada Gaming licensing agents visited the Eagle multiple times between the time of last year’s incident and the spring of this year.  The agents reportedly witnessed several incidents of public sex in front of other customers.

As a result of the complaint, the Nevada Gaming Commission will schedule a hearing to discuss any further action that should be taken, or the two sides could settle the matter out of court.  Nelson says she is most concerned for any lost business.  She says this is the first time in all her years owning the Eagle that she’s crossed a line with the state gaming regulators.

“If they pull my machines, I’m out of business.”

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