Construction Of Wayne Newton’s Museum Halted

On November 17, 2010, Clark County Commissioners approved an application from Wayne Newton to open up his Las Vegas ranch to the public. Since then, it’s been under construction up until now.

According to a new lawsuit, work on Wayne Newton’s museum has come to a halt, due to disputes between Newton and his partner. The partner is company CSD LLC, whom teamed up with Newton on the attraction. Two related firms also filed suit this week in Clark County District Court against Newton and some of his family members.

The plaintiffs said that after the development companies invested more than $50 million in Wayne Newton’s museum, and acquired Newton’s 39.5-acre estate for $19.5 million, the project was derailed. Apparently, the project was derailed by none other than Newton, himself,  and his family also interfered with the project, frustrating the developers.

According to J. Stephen Peek, Newton’s attorney from the law firm Holland & Hart LLP in Las Vegas, the alleged delays with the project are not Newton’s fault, and are in fact the fault of CSD.

The museum would include things like memorabilia from Newton’s entertainment career, as well as a theatre, a car museum, and even a Newton-themed car wash. With the way things are going though, we might not see this museum open up any time soon.

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