Country Soul2Soul Concerts At The Venetian

Get ready to rock out with some country at the Venetian in Las Vegas later on this year. Country fans are in for a treat, as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be debuting a series of Soul2Soul concerts. This has just been recently announced, and the couple has kept details under wraps.

One thing that the country music power duo did admit to was that they were planning on performing together each night, from when the curtain goes up, to when the curtains go down. It’s very Johnny Cash and June Carter, isn’t it?

McGraw explained the new changes that they have in mind “In the Soul2Soul tours we have done in the past, it has been two songs together. Then Faith would do her show, then two songs together, and then I would do my show.”

Another notable difference will be that the productions will also be very different, as they normally have arena tours.

McGraw said “The focus of this has been a chance to be onstage the entire time together in an intimate setting and make it about us,” adding on, “We will do all of our duets and throw in some surprises. All of our songs are ballads, so we are going to do some cool things that are up-tempo, as well. There are so many great duets that would be fun to do.”

The couple will not only be playing and singing together, but also designing the show together. Purchase tickets at the Venetian’s website this Monday, on August 13th.  Ticket prices will range from $95.50 to $295.50, and for those looking for a VIP package, it’ll cost $1,000.

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