Def Leppard Will Perform ‘Hysteria’ Live in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is becoming a popular destination for veteran hard rock bands.  The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino previously hosted Motley Crue, is now serving as host to the current lineup of Guns n Roses, and the venue will again host one of the 80s rock greats in Def Leppard beginning March 22, 2013.  The opening weekend for Def Leppard’s performances will coincide with the first weekend of the NCAA basketball March Madness, adding even more hype to the event.

Frontman Joe Elliott says the band will play nine shows inside the Joint that will end April 10, 2013, and will feature the entire listing of the multiplatinum ‘Hysteria’ album.  The event in Vegas will be the first time the band has played one of its albums live from beginning to end.  Elliott says because of the track listing order, he and the rest of the band will find it weird to be playing smash hit ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ in the middle of the set, instead of closing with it.  Nevertheless, he and the rest of the band are honored to play for the Vegas crowd.

“We’re very happy to be part of what I call the first wave of rockers to take Vegas back from the lounge singers like Wayne Newton and his type.”

The show’s encore performances will feature material from other albums of the band’s history, and Elliott says during the down time, Def Leppard will be writing new material for a planned comeback album.  Tickets for the show will range anywhere from $50 in the back, upwards to $125 for floor seats.

The Hard Rock has found itself in controversy for the artwork used to promote current performers Guns n Roses, which was condemned by women’s groups in the community.  Despite the controversy, the Hard Rock has said the artwork for Def Leppard was approved before the trouble with GnR, and is not expected to cause any problems.

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